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TAIZHOU YINLK TOOLS CO.,LTD.located at beautiful and rich Wenling, Zhejiang at the shore of the East China Sea, is a Taizhou-based enterprise with the world-class Walter five-axle linkage tool grinder specializing in research, production and polishing for standard or nonstandard rotary precision metal cutting and woodworking tools like hard alloy (tungsten steel) end mill, drill, sphere mill, R blade, dovetail slot, reamer, boring cutter, step drill, inner-cooling drill, centre drill, profile drill, etc.

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Aggregation dazzling world of lightStrong corporate culture, unique brand of charm, exudes Treemass stunning light, so that the world's attention! We not only produce high-quality products, but also in science and technology continue to lead the front line, to promote a more attractive way of life. more
  • Address: Wenling, Zhejiang Province, Wang Jing Industrial Zone Industrial Park, the center and the 2nd Avenue Road intersection
  • Tel:0576-86994400
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