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    End mill appears vibration causes, and solutions

    Tool in the process, sometimes vibration, which is why? In fact, there is a slight gap between the main milling cutter and knife holder, so will cause vibration during machining. End mill vibration causes uneven circumferential edge of cut, and cut expansion ratio of the original value increases, affect the machining accuracy and tool life. But when the machined groove width is too small, the tool may be purposefully vibration, to achieve the desired cutting width by increasing the amount of expansion, but the maximum amplitude of the end mill should in this case is limited to 0.02mm or less Otherwise, it can not be stable cutting. In the normal process of vibration cutter neutral as possible.

    When the end mill vibration occurs in the process, should consider lowering the cutting speed and feed rate, as both are still big vibration reduced after 40%, you should consider reducing the amount of cut.

    Such as the processing system in the resonance, the reason may be too large cutting speed, the feed rate is too small, due to the lack of tool system rigidity, workpiece clamping force is not enough and the shape of the workpiece or workpiece clamping methods and other factors, and you should be taken to adjust the cutting The amount of increased milling cutter system stiffness, increase the feed rate and other measures. The above points are end milling process analysis work vibrate causes and some of the solutions.

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