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1, product quality without defects, customer service no complaints.
2, the quality of the lead, far ahead.
3, not to be evil and small occasions, do little good without whom.
4, the talk to, it says it will do, to be effective.
5, first-class quality comes from first-class management.
6, excellence, casting quality model.
7, everyone has the ability to improve, everything has room for improvement.
8, pursuit of perfection with technology to develop new markets, with management to create effective, with service to establish the image.
9, the quality of a rural rate, efficiency of the benefits.
10, a brand name, quality wins, the whole plant employees together efforts.
11, multi-stream a sweat, more a heart operation, creating a number of network quality product.
12, adhere to class management, production-class products, provide first-class services, to create first-class enterprises.
13. advocates ingeniously outdone hard work, encourage do not do.
14. The concept of quality must look at the overall situation, embarking on small.
15, the establishment of quality systems, focusing on everything implemented to ensure effectiveness, safety danger.